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Day 161: Lemon Egg-Nog

The family I discovered via yesterday’s recipe in The New Galt Cook Book (1898) must have been familiar with Cookery for the Sick since two members died of tuberculosis and another died from pneumonia. It is likely that various remedies were tried and that they consumed a variety of sickroom food. I have two family members who will have surgery in the next few days. One will require liquids for a few days so I’m going to try Miss Wardlaw‘s recipe for Lemon Egg-Nog tonight as practice.

Capture Eggs and ButterI beat up a medium egg in a glass and squeezed in the juice of a lemon. I added a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Once everything was well mixed I poured in the milk. I took a quick sip and adjusted the sugar before sitting down with my nourishing liquid.

Miss Wardlaw is a trained nurse so she contributed a large number of recipes to the chapter on cookery for the sick. She was born Margaret Janet Wardlaw in Galt Ontario in 1862 but was known as Maggie when she was young. Her parents John and Mary Ann had emigrated from Scotland with her eldest brother. Maggie and two more boys were born in Ontario where John was a woolen manufacturer. Maggie’s eldest brother became a doctor, another was a dentist, and she was a nurse in a hospital. She eventually gave up nursing at the hospital and ended up living with one of her brothers. She died in 1931.

This beverage combines two problem foods for me — eggs which I despise and milk which I shouldn’t consume — and yet lemon egg nog isn’t too bad. I recommend beating the egg very thoroughly as my first taste included a stringy slimy slurp of egg white along with the other flavours. Once it was blended better it had an interesting taste. I finally decided it tasted a bit like a lemon ice cream, probably because of the lemon and cold milk. I kept mine a bit tart but you can use as much or as little sugar as necessary. These days using a raw egg is an issue. You could try making this recipe using some of the pasteurized eggs that come in a carton like milk. I’d suggest making lemon egg nog if you are adventurous and like these ingredients. It really is a refreshing drink.

Miss Wardlaw

Beat up an egg, add sugar to taste, also a pinch of salt, squeeze the juice of a lemon. Fill up the glass with very good milk.


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